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What is dtsdoc?

dtsdoc is a powerful tool to help you document your SQL Server data transformation packages. It can produce detailed documents describing your DTS packages.

With dtsdoc you are not tied to a specified output format or fixed look, you are in control. dtsdoc uses XSL templates to transform a XML file that holds the DTS packages descriptions to get the final documentation. Sample XSL templates are included to get HTML files ready to be published or printed.

dtsdoc has been designed to be scheduled, it has a full featured command line interface, to ensure that your server documentation is always up to date.

Don't waste your time manually documenting your DTS packages. dtsdoc is the easiest way to keep a full and up to date documentation of your SQL Server data transformation packages. Try it for free!

Currently dtsdoc documents most of the DTS objects of your packges, including:

Take a look at the detailed features section or sample output.

New version 1.2.5 available! dtsdoc 1.2.5 is ready and available for download. This new version allows you to split the documentation in various files. It builds an index file linking each package automatically. Save hours documenting your DTS packages for only $49.95
Need to document your databases too? Take a look at our other product: dbdesc. It will automatically document your SQL Server databases in various formats.

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