About us

We've been doing custom development projects for our customers for several years. Now we are focused to become a product company. In 2005 we released our first commercial product, dbdesc. Due the great feedback we've been getting since then, we developed a complementary product called dtsdoc.

About dtsdoc

dtsdoc was developed to satisfy the needs of some of our dbdesc customers who needed to document DTS packages.

Because we wanted to keep dbdesc as easy to use as possible and because not every user uses Data Transformation Services, we thought that it would make more sense to build a different product.

If you want to know more about dtsdoc and dbdesc visit our development blog (post not related with dbdesc or dtsdoc may appear).

About this site

The design of this site is based on a template by Andreas Viklund.

New version 1.2.5 available! dtsdoc 1.2.5 is ready and available for download. This new version allows you to split the documentation in various files. It builds an index file linking each package automatically. Save hours documenting your DTS packages for only $49.95
Need to document your databases too? Take a look at our other product: dbdesc. It will automatically document your SQL Server databases in various formats.

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