dtsdoc features

These are the main features of dtsdoc:

DTS documentation support

dtsdoc supports most of the data transformation packages tasks. We are improving dtsdoc to get more useful info and improve the way it is documented. At this moment dtsdoc allows you to document the following info:

  • Package general properties
  • Connections
  • Tasks
    • Active scrit tasks
    • Bulk insert tasks
    • Create process tasks
    • Data driven query tasks
      • Transformations
      • Lookups
      • Queries
    • Data pump tasks
      • Transformations
      • Lookups
    • Dynamic properties
    • Execute package tasks
    • FTP tasks
    • Message queue tasks
    • Transfer databases tasks
    • Transfer errors tasks
    • Transfer logins tasks
    • Transfer master stored procedures tasks
    • Transfer jobs tasks
    • Transfer objects tasks
    • Send mail tasks
    • Olap process and Prediction tasks
  • Steps
    • Properties
    • Step precedence constraints
    • Workflow ActiveX code
  • Package global variables

Data output

dtsdoc can generate database documentation in different formats using XSL templates.

Take a look at the output sample.

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Other sections

"... It is particularly helpful to have the parameters listed so close to the SQL itself. That in of itself makes the outputted document more helpful than the actual DTS designer, which requires you to go to flip between different modal dialogs to see the SQL versus the parameter setup. And if you have to set up some tricky SQL via disconnected properties (e.g., passing both input and output parameters via a sproc), then you're in real trouble trying to sort things out in the designer! My package had one of those, and still everything just came out perfect in the HTML."

John Barone